Baby "N" - again!

You might remember this little cutie from HERE. His Mommy decided he should get some pictures with his Aunt before he flies back home next week. We did an impromptu mini photo session with the little guy. Even with the ants climbing my legs and biting them - yuck! (new experience for me - welcome to Tennessee, I guess!)

The Papa & Grammy

Ahhh, visits with the Papa & Grammy are so much fun! Quick pics to commemorate, then off to the next fun adventure!

Baby "N"

I love little baby fingers and little baby toes, the squeaky noises they make, and how much they cuddle! I had the pleasure of taking little 5 week old Baby "N"'s pictures. He is visiting with his mom from Virginia, and is a cutie! Despite the early shots that he decided he'd rather fill his pants than pose {who wouldn't?}, he was a perfect little subject.

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